Engaging the same company for your website design and SEO

If you are getting a website for your business, you should probably get Search Engine Optimization (SEO) done for your website as well. SEO will greatly increase the traffic flow to your website if it is executed well. There are many digital marketing companies in Singapore which offer both website design services and SEO services. Only a handful of the companies only offer either one of the services. Between these two alternatives, I will highly recommend engaging the same company for your website design and SEO.

Firstly, it will save you time researching on the credibility and professionalism of the two companies. You will just have to find a credible digital marketing agency to deliver the work for you. Though the risk is higher, you can easily mitigate this risk through proper research online and within your social circles. Remember to check out the detailed reviews of the digital marketing companies and also to interact with them first before committing to purchase their services. If you are unsure of where to start looking for reliable digital marketing companies in Singapore, just find Shark Web Pte Ltd. Shark Web is an established name in the digital marketing industry in Singapore. Ask around for its reputation and you will not be disappoint.

Secondly, it will greatly reduce the hassle of communicating with two different vendors if you just engage one. Different companies may have different working standards and cultures. It will be better to accommodate to working with one company instead of two.

Thirdly, it will greatly reduce the overall project cost and time for both the website development and SEO if you engage one digital marketing company instead of two. There are some prerequisite technical requirements you will need to fulfill during the website development to improve the efficiency of the SEO. This is known as on page optimization. The digital marketing company conducting SEO will know how to conduct the on page optimization of the website best. If you engage just one digital marketing company for both services, the company can do on page optimization for the website during the website development phase. Otherwise, if you engage two digital marketing companies, the company doing the SEO may need to rework on the on page optimization of the website again when they take over the website, incurring unnecessary cost and time.

A local web designer is better than an overseas one

If you are residing in Singapore and wants to get your website done, you should choose a local web designer. A local web designer in Singapore is better than an overseas one. Here’s why:

1. The web designers in Singapore are highly skilled. Singapore is well known to possess a huge pool of highly skilled work force. In the recent years, many smart graduates are pouring into the IT industry. You can check out the portfolios of the web designers in Singapore and compare them with the portfolios of the other web designers overseas. The quality of the websites should be the same or even better than the overseas web designers. It is not overrate to say that we have some of the best website designers in Singapore.

2. In additional, you can communicate better with a local than a foreigner. There may be language barriers or cultural differences which would affect the communication between both of you. Interacting with a local will not have that issue. The speed of communication with a local would also be faster than the speed interacting with a foreigner. With the same work days and holidays in the year, you do not have to worry about the web designers having a holiday when you want to look for them. Besides, you can always pay them a visit anytime.

3. There are legal protection for you when you engage a local web designer instead of an overseas one. Being in the same country, you are covered under the same legal jurisdiction as the web designers and it is easily to bring up any legal lawsuits if anything happens. If you engage an overseas web designer, it is difficult to to being forth any legal lawsuit against them if the web design project didn’t go according to plan. The web designers will have fewer incentives to work hard and well for your website.

Intermediate Tips For Search Engine Optimization

There are lots of ways in which you can improve your website’s (Google) search engine rankings. The first of which would be focusing on your on page optimization.

On page optimization includes several factors, and the most important of which is the home page and web page title, followed by the h1 and h2 tags on the page and then the keyword density (although synonyms play a big part now in SEO).

The home page and web page titles should always be descriptive of the pages and include the main keyword as well as the location (for local business’s websites). The h1 tag need not necessarily be the same as the title tag, but should at least be a close synonym and ideally include the location (for local business’s SEO) in it as well. The h2 tags should be used as mini headers to break up the various portions and elements on a web page. Take note that there should only be one h1 tag per page.

Next of all, you would need to look at off page optimization. As of today (the point of this writing), back links are still the single most important off page SEO factor. However, the importance has shifted towards relevance and quality of the website that the back links come from. Quantities still matter a lot – but only if relevance and quality of the referring domain is good.

Relevance means that the referring domain and the page from which it links to your website must be relevant to your website. This is a great proof of legitimacy in the back link.

Quality of the referring domains means that it should ideally be a website that is an authority in its space. It should not be a new blog or random website. It should be a website which is trusted by both people and Google search engine.

Finally, if all these still sound like mumbo jumbo to you, then just engage the SEO services of companies like SEO agency or Sharkweb.com.sg.

Things to take note when designing your own website

When you are designing your own website, there are certain things you will need to take note to ensure higher efficiency of the project and better quality website. Below are __ points which I find most crucial to take note of when designing your website.

1. Plan before you start designing your website
Some people rushed into the development of the website before proper planning. This spells disaster. You cannot plan and think of the features to be included in your website and develop them at the same time. Not only will you waste efforts trying to undo things if some of your plans do not complement well with each other, you will also waste a lot of time doing so. Hence, be sure to plan your entire website properly before you start developing your website. All the details such as structure, content and features of the website must be planned. It will save you lots of time and ensure smooth development execution.

2. Use a few complementing colors for your website
Your website cannot contain too many different colors. Doing so will produce a bad visual effect for the visitors. You should only use a few complementing colors to give off the effect of a neat, organized, and visually appealing website.

3. Consider whether you will be able to fulfill the technical requirements. You should only plan for the features of the website if you are sure that you can develop and implement them properly. If you do not know exactly how to implement the features properly, it may cause some bugs and affect the rest of your website performance. Remove or outsource these difficult features which you do not know how to develop yourself and prioritize the website performance.

4. Include comment boxes and/or links to your social media platforms. You should do these so as to promote interaction within your website. You want visitors to stay attracted to your website and keeps coming back for more content and interactions. This way, your website traffic will increase tremendously over time. Increasing traffic will increase the value of your website. You can then think of ways to monetize this traffic in the future.

5. Make sure it’s Search Engine friendly. This is important to allow your website to be indexed by the search engines. It will provide your website some high quality traffic which may increase your revenue and profit significantly.

Should you Engage A SEO Agency Or Hire A SEO Consultant?

I cannot believe how people are still considering this question. The answer is obvious – you should engage a search engine optimization (SEO) agency in Singapore instead of hiring a in house SEO consultant and the following are the reasons why you need to do this.

First and foremost, when you engage a Singapore SEO agency, you can easily check out their reviews as well as ask their existing clients base about the quality of their SEO services. However, when it comes to hiring a single person as a SEO consultant to work inside your company / business, you would be hard pressed to find any truly independent reviews or testimonials about their person other than their previous employers (which may be biased towards or against them).

Secondly, when you engage a SEO consultant, you need to understand that the cost of getting SEO done for your company’s website is not only about the salary and CPF expenses that you incur. There are still other hard costs when it comes to SEO for websites. When you engage the SEO services of an agency, what you pay per month is all you will ever need to pay for. It is all inclusive and you almost never need to top up any more. This means that you would be unlikely to experience any kind of unexpected costs (which is clearly non-beneficial for any business in Singapore or worldwide)

Third of all, a consultant can call in sick, but a SEO company will not. Although a SEO agency might have off days, most of the times throughout a year, it will be functional and working on your website’s search engine rankings. Additionally, you can approach them and ask questions any time. However, an individual SEO consultant might call in sick or need constant motivation from you (e.g. employee motivation). All these issues are not applicable if you were to simply save the trouble and just engage the services of a Singapore SEO agency.

How To Identify A Good Web Design Company?

Finding a good Singapore web design company is easy if you know how to. I will share some of the best tips you can utilize.

  • Step 1: Always check out their website design first. No matter how close you’re to a web designer in real life, if you do not like the style of their website design and/or any of their designed websites in their portfolio, do not engage their services. You do not want to work with a Singapore web design company just because the designer is your friend. If his or her designing and developing skills are bad, it would be absolutely disastrous to engage his or her services. Always make sure to look at the company’s own website design as well as their portfolio. Only if you are truly comfortable with their quality should you proceed to hire them (or rather, move on to step 2.
  • Step 2: Ask the web design company about the type of features and general design style that you want your website to have. This is the part where you request for at least 3 separate quotations from 3 different web design companies in Singapore which fulfills the above step 1 criteria. You want to get 3 different quotes so that you do not accidentally get ‘over-charged’ by any one particular company. However, you do not want to ask for too many quotations (for e.g. 10) or you may then suffer from analysis paralysis. 3 is a fantastic number.
  • Step 3: Compare the quotes. If only 1 of them suits your budget, then simply use it. If there are more than 1 web design company’s quotation which suits your budget, then read on.
  • Step 4: What you want to compare now are things that the web design company may do for you on top of the base work (e.g. web design and development). There are some great website design companies like Shark Web which offer free SEO when you sign up with their bespoke web design and development packages. Other companies may offer lifetime free maintenance of the website. Make sure to take these ‘external’ benefits into account when considering / picking the right web design company!

How To Hire A SEO Company?

Hiring a SEO company in Singapore can be daunting – especially when there are so many choices out there for you to choose from.

First of all, you need to look at their own rankings. Are they ranking very well (e.g. top position) for their brand name? This is a very simple to perform check – however, some Singapore SEO companies cannot even achieve this basic result for their own website.

Second of all, with so many places online for you to check out reviews, you want to find out any especially negative reviews of the SEO company you’re talking to. This is important. Because it is very easy to find out reviews of any companies online now, make sure to do this step before engaging the services of the SEO company!

Thirdly, check out the rankings of their supposed clients. This is important because some SEO companies unethically display the logo of companies they have long stopped working with. Sometimes, even though the SEO company might have worked with a particularly company in the past before, they might have damaged the client’s website’s ranking and yet the SEO company will still have listed the client’s logo on their website as a clientele base. That is bad and unethical. You do not want to work with such a SEO company at all cost. In fact, there are some companies in Singapore which do this –  although for privacy reason, I will not list the names.

Fourth of all, ask them what they will provide you with if you were to engage the SEO company’s services. Some of them will still list you severely outdated methods like article submission. That is a terrible method for SEO (it barely works, if at all in 2015). Make sure they only list down methods such as on page optimization and building highly relevant links from relevant and authoritative websites. This is the only real way to see SEO results in 2015 and going into 2016!!!

Make sure you read the above tips and re-read them. Do not engage a SEO company in Singapore before digesting the above tips!